About us

We sought out to create a one stop shopping experience for the modern conscious man and woman, while paying tribute to the creatures of the wilderness and exploring the miraculous possibilities mother nature has gifted us. Spiricity is a refuge to those inquiring minds who look to further their self awareness, fuel their passion and create prosperity by positively contributing and changing the world. The continued increase of the worlds consciousness has given birth to an entirely new way of thinking. A thinking that can only be express through the subtle nuances and choices of our daily lives. As a company that embodies this philosophy, we feel privileged and obligated to spread this message through our products and the organizations we choose to supports.
The power of images is often underestimated. Symbolic art and images throughout history has helped facilitate communication of ideas and other concepts. Symbols are very powerful and can be extremely useful tools in the creation of your world. The Ancients understood the power of symbols and used them extensively in and out of their culture for protection, fertility, wealth, crop germination, and other rituals. Naturally, the use of a symbol on an object for a particular task does not in itself bring about these conditions; consciousness must do that. However, using a symbol geared toward a certain thing can help consciousness to release and hone-in on the energy pattern necessary to bring about the desired manifestation. We believed one of the fastest way to make a positive impact is promoting these messages through visual images on apparel, jewelry and accessories. This is the reason why we created Spiricity. To facilitate positive ideas and concepts, changing the world, one symbol at a time.
(Please Note We Are Not A Charity, though we do support many), Our Sole Purpose Is To Promote Animal and Environmental Welfare Awareness Across The Globe. Spreading Positive and uplifting messages, in hopes of creating a more abundant and peaceful world.
Spiricity tribe is seriously in tune with the idea that modern mind-body-spirit tools and ancient technologies such as meditation, yoga, sacred geometry, and creative visualization can be some of the best answers to overcome the overwhelm and stress of daily modern life.
In order to restore balance and help guide you toward self-realization, we created a program comprised of awesome techniques for individual and global transformation that unify ancient wisdom and modern science in an exhilarating, holistic way. What we have researched and put together can seriously affect you at the level of your DNA—which makes the Spiricity methodology particularly interesting. 

We ship from our warehouse in Encinitas, California; however sometimes from our overseas locations. We take pride in our products and where we source them from...so your patience is truly appreciated. 


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